Court Ordered Parenting Class™

Court Ordered Parenting Class™ is the official court required Parent Education Class which fulfills the mandates of Florida and other States.

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Our four-hour required classes for divorcing parents or never married parents, are available on-line, as Independent Study by mail, and as teacher led parenting classes. The parenting classes are designed to help divorcing and separating couples focus on what is in the best interest of the children and how to work more cooperatively and effectively with each other.

Court Ordered Parenting Class is an interactive class conducted by Education Programs for parents to complete prior to a divorce or civil action being granted. It does not tell parents how to raise their kids; rather, this court mandated class aims to accomplish four simple, highly important goals:

  1. How to strengthen the family unit by focusing on what the children are going through and ways to help children cope with the divorce and feelings of loss.
  2. How to communicate more effectively with your children and your former spouse.
  3. How to identify the warning signs of depression and anger with your children.
  4. How to handle the trauma children face during and after the family unit changes due to divorce or separation.

The Court Ordered Parenting Class course is offered throughout Florida and in other states.

Court Ordered Parenting Class is also available for independent study as a correspondence course for divorcing parents who live outside the state in which the divorce is filed.

In the best interest of the children

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When a court requires parents with minor children to take a class before a divorce, paternity action, custody dispute or changes in visitation, choose a class brought to you by the leader in parent education since 1990.

Our Court Ordered Parenting Class help parents understand divorce through their children's eyes, improve communication skills and enable the family to make the transition healthier and less traumatic for all family members, especially the children.